2022 Races

December 15, 2021
You may have heard that EagleQuest Lodge will not be open this winter. We reached out to the owners, Kevin & Cindy Hite, to offer our support during their family's health issue. They are a dear part of the Su100 family.
Another checkpoint at mile 63 has been secured and course changes are evolving.
We are looking forward to our races in 2022 and will do everything we can to be COVID cautious. We appreciate you doing the same.

Be well and happy training!



Both the Susitna 100 and Little Su 50K are



You can register through UltraSignup to be on a waitlist for the Little Su 50K (not an option for the Susitna 100).


IF there are any vacated spots we will do a lottery drawing on January 16, 2022 from the waitlist.