Little Su 500 Club

In 2002 the Susitna 100 mile race was joined by the Little Su 50K to offer something for friends and family to do while waiting for the Su 100 racers to finish. The first year 44 racers participated. Race organizers wondered if interest would grow or die out quickly. Since 2002 the Little Su has been held 12 times and grew in numbers of registered racers to the point we needed to cap the number of entries due to the size limitations of venues. Registering became more competitive than the race.

Completed at least 5 times as of 2018

How do you join this exclusive club?

Sign up! Show up! Finish!
Repeat 10 Times

Racers approaching membership in the Little Su 500 Club


Utermohle Charles 14
Stull Amber 10
Werner Robert 10
Schaaf Jeanne 9
Woods Niles 9
Holm Bjarne 7
Stull James 7
Beiergrohslein Alycia 6
Moon M. Scott 6
Williams Karen 6
Cravez Pam 5
Hoppe John 5
Vig Kevin 5
Yamauchi Leslie 5