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1049 Mile Award


This unique award will be given to Racers who have completed this 100 mile course 10 times starting with or after the 1997 race. Each is crafted of Alaska stone by Nature's Jewels and labeled with location of origin.

Yours will include an authentic Alaska gold nugget, personalized engraving, and a photo of you to commemorate your accomplishment.

How close are you?


Completed at least 6 times as of 2017

Jamshid Khajavi 17

Laura Mcdonough 17

Ed Bennett 14

Super Al Mitchell 13

Mike Morganson 13

Mike Beiergrohslein 10

Tom Coolidge 10

Ken Greenberg 10

Paul Lester 10

Ron Nicholl 10

Jacques Boutet 9

Josh Brekken 9

David Hart 9

Janice Tower 9

Gil Hjellen 8

Tom Hunt 8

Jim Jager 8

Christine Bennett 8

Chris Allard 7

Sven Berglund 7

James Hadlock 7

David Johnston 7

Kim Kittredge 7

Tom Peichel 7

Brij Potnis 7

Mark Stewart 7

Jeffrey Bannish 6

David Delcourt 6

Chet Fehrmann 6

Jeff Jensen 6

Sharon Sell 6

Steve Tower 6


If you think your name belongs here, let us know. Maybe we missed you registered under a different name; married? divorced? entered a witness protection program?